🔸Faded embers

Cheeks lie scarred with roses in the clouds

The apaches are approaching with intentions of
First rate abductions…

I remember the wishing wells of your malls
Where I could fall down forever
And you would remain in love with my best

And when the daylight curled over,
It saw its own reflection in the music box of
A carousel,

And it could never find an absolute desire to
Touch the earth

As my mother electrocuted herself in The carport

beautiful illusions  all of them,
Swallowing up the daydreams after midnight

And words became a sacrifice whose
Heart was utterly
Absolutely abandoned…


10 thoughts on “🔸Faded embers

    • Thank you very much for taking time to read and comment about it.. your active participation meens a lot to me…♡♡
      I hope that this post has a good effect on you… And don’t hesitate to share your opinion about my other posts…
      Xoxo 🐙

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