Incredible India!

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – said Saint Augustine

Travelling can teach you more than any university course. You learn about the culture of the country you visit.

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Love across enemy lines #1

Here it is!! A bed time story I guess.. (hahaha 😄). Don’t hesitate to share your opinion,,

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Falling in love across enemy lines: It sounds like something out of a fairy tale. But nothing in war is simple. As this American soldier and his Iraqi wife found out, love in a war zone is difficult, it’s dangerous, and it really pisses off the brass…

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72. Serenity Now

What a great post which truly translate the suffering and isolation which anyone can go through due to adult bullying…

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Enjoy reading ”Serenity now” my dear followers.. hope you like it as much as I do..

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a rambling collective

This post is about the consequences of adult bullying.

I may as well not even be there. I sit between them in the open-plan office and they ignore me. They talk animatedly to each other, about TV, music, food, football, the weather, their families, office politics, weddings, sport, films, holidays, diets, alcohol, clothes, celebrities. If I try to join in, I am frozen out. I sense a prickle in the air as the atmosphere changes. Like I’d opened the window on a winter’s day. Once I asked them if they could talk about a new film another time because I hadn’t yet seen it, so didn’t want any spoiler alerts. Their incredulous looks sent pangs of ice through my heart.

My opinion is of no consequence at all. It does not matter. I am irrelevant. Old. Pointless. Unwanted. Snobby. Up my own arse. Too political. Not cool. Weird. The volume…

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